Landscape and scenery photography puts us at the location of the image. I find it to be one of the easiest and hardest types of photography. Everything can depend on a minute's difference in lighting. 

Sunrise from Craggy Pinnacle

Sunrise shots on the Blue Ridge Parkway can be a gamble. Much of the time at higher elevations, the morning fog cover your view. Sometimes you only get a few seconds of clear skies before the sun hides behind the dense clouds.

Williamstown, KY

Sunset over St. Thomas

Caneel Hill on St. John offers an amazing sunset view of St. Thomas. You can fully grasp the isolation from mainlands when you view the 360 degree view of open water.

Linville Gorge, NC

This was shot on a camping trip atop Table Rock, which overlooks the gorge. The Linville Gorge is the third largest wilderness area in North Carolina. This is an extremely diverse community of plants and animals, including nesting peregrine falcons.

Cove Creek. Saluda, NC

There are many trails that follow Cove Creek to waterfalls, and lookout points. Big Bradley Falls is the well known waterfall located on the creek and offers multiple different climbing/rappelling opportunities. 

Sunset at St. George Island State Park, FL

Low tide at St. George Island State Park is the perfect time to wander through the tidal pools and find creatures that have been exposed. You'd be surprised by how much you can find if you get up close. Many organisms surviving in the tidal pools have adaptations that keep them from drying out.