I have been selling, and giving away various items on craigslist for years. I'm not sure why it never came to me earlier but I started realizing all these unique encounters I was having with people from all different walks of life. Some which have now become friends. I began asking if I could photograph them with the item they were picking up from me. This occasionally resulted in strange looks and confusion followed by the abrupt "no" or "that's weird." This is a part of my collection that shows the person I met, along with the item that was exchanged. Some of the names have been left out due to privacy.

Travis and Dillon. 

Item Exchanged: Poster and chair

Price: Free

Dwayne and son Travis

Item Exchanged: Poster

Price: Free



Item Exchanged: My brothers 96 Honda, which I blew the head gasket on.

Price: $325


Item Exchanged: Coffee table with missing center glass piece.

Price: Free

Name unknown

Item Exchanged: Ironing board

Price: $2


Item Exchanged: World map

Price: Free

Ron and family

Item Exchanged: Grandmas old TV

Price: Free


Item Exchanged: Wall Cabinet 

Price: $5

Name unknown

Item Exchanged: Office Chair

Price: $5


Item Exchanged: Dryer

Price: $30

Gene and Brandon

Item Exchanged: TV

Price: Free